Privacy Policy


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In today’s highly networked digital world, privacy has become a key issue as the means of collecting and exploiting user-generated data have become more and more ubiquitous. At Via Logica, we take privacy very seriously and would therefore like to outline for users of Portero the following privacy policy:

Via Logica Inc., developer of Portero, does not in any way view, consult, collect, transmit, share, lease, sell or otherwise use, exploit or benefit from any user-specific data accessed or generated by Portero during it’s use and operation. This includes location data, region monitoring data, data pulled from the iPhone’s contacts and calendar database, data entered by the user or any other user-specific data utilized by Portero in the performance of it’s functions and features. This data is only used within the app and solely for the purpose of providing its core functionality. Your privacy is entirely safe with us for we are in the business of selling apps, not information.

Why does Portero ask permission to use Location Services in the background?

Portero uses your iPhone’s Location Services to monitor and log arrival and departure times for the Portals you have defined. In order for Portero to function as promised and provide a stable, reliable and consistent user experience, it must be able to process this location information in real time, even when you are not actively using the app. It is thereore essential to Portero’s functionality that it always has access to Location Services, even when it is closed and running in the background.